Opinion These people are uniquely qualified to tell us what happened on January 6

In this conversation, government officials have been some of the loudest voices — perhaps, not surprisingly, breaking down along party lines: Democrats loudly exclaiming the need for an extensive investigation to explore the Big Lie and its consequences; Republicans, by contrast, proclaiming with a few exceptions that there is no need for an investigation at …

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Opinion: Is there room for a religious left?

For decades, faith has been used to divide people along partisan lines. Since the 1980s, White evangelicals have overwhelmingly backed Republicans as a badge of identity, often in opposition to abortion and LGBT rights, with Donald Trump winning a higher percentage of their votes in 2016. It was even more than George W. Bush, an …

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SE Cupp: Man asks ‘when do we get to use the guns?’ — we should take him seriously – CNN Video

In this week’s episode of “Unfiltered,” SE Cupp discusses the right-wing extremist ideology demonstrated at a Turning Point USA event and the potential impact of some Republicans spreading misinformation about the 2020 election and Capitol insurrection. CNN

Opinion: What vaccine inequity means if you’re a young woman in Uganda

Schools and universities were again shuttered, leaving 15 million students at home or on the streets. Workers went unpaid and fear spread through the communities. The impacts were felt first and hardest by women, especially if they were young. Months later, the lockdown has not been fully lifted. People wait for hours in the street …

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