How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

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‘Art in Bloom With Helen Dealtry’
When to watch: Arrives Friday, on Discovery+.

Nobody out-Bob Rosses Bob Ross, but there’s no reason not to embrace another chilled-out, make-a-painting show, and this is that in its most Instagrammable form. On each episode, the watercolor artist and textile designer Helen Dealtry explains various techniques for painting flowers, all in a gentle, upbeat way. Imitate a Dutch master! Try a monochromatic approach! Remember to take deep breaths while you are painting because it is supposed to be fun and relaxing! If you are looking for a low-commitment show that’s peaceful but still colorful, watch this.

‘Good Timing With Jo Firestone’
When to watch: Arrives Friday, on Peacock.

This new one-off special follows a class of comedy students in their 60s, 70s and 80s as they learn some standup skills under the guidance of the actress and comedian Jo Firestone, culminating in a live showcase. Most of the participants have never performed comedy, and some express a real sadness about the paths not taken, the artistic choices left unmade. Firestone’s cheerful support and everyone’s overall good nature are welcome reminders that stand-up comedy is not merely a fraught and disingenuous battleground for podcast hosts. It is also a source of pleasure and connection, something joyous and fun.


When to watch: Season 3 arrives Friday, on Netflix.

Season 1 of “You” followed the stalker romantic Joe (Penn Badgley) in New York City; Season 2 found him flailing among the nouveau crunchy in Los Angeles; and now Season 3 drags him to an even more status-conscious California suburb, surrounded by mommy-blogger influencers and their TED Talk husbands. Because “You” is so soapy and audacious, it’s in constant danger of contracting the “Dexter” disease, of losing its edge and becoming dumbly repetitive. But dang if this season does not, miraculously, work — it’s as shocking and vicious and hilarious and violent as ever. Binge easy knowing that Netflix has already renewed it for a fourth season.

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