Poland’s Heartland Would Rather Keep E.U. Money Than Break With Bloc

KOBYLIN-BORZYMY, Poland — The twin steeples of Saint Stanislaus, a hulking, red-brick Catholic church, are visible for miles across the corn fields and cow pastures of this conservative area of eastern Poland, a bastion of support for the country’s nationalist governing party. That party is “conservative and Catholic, and people here are very attached to …

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Iranian Motorists Hit With Cyberattack at Filling Stations

CAIRO — A cyberattack disrupted gasoline stations across Iran on Tuesday, several state-run Iranian news agencies reported, leaving the authorities and fuel distributors scrambling to restore service. The attack, which led to long lines outside gas stations for much of the day, came shortly before the anniversary of the November 2019 antigovernment protests that erupted …

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A Playwright Has a Message: Anti-Asian Hate Isn’t New

On Sunday afternoon, a pigeon flew through a performance of “Covid Crime,” a one-act play taking place at a Manhattan intersection, where yellow taxis whizzed by against the backdrop of a halal food cart. The show, written by Lionelle Hamanaka and directed by Howard Pflanzer, was unfolding in Richard Tucker Park, a tiny cobblestone triangle …

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Teacher suspended after ​allegedly making ‘terrorist’ comment to student – CNN Video

A New Jersey assistant teacher was suspended by the Ridgefield School District after an alleged incident in which a student ​says he was called a “terrorist” after asking a question during math class. CNN reached out to the assistant teacher but did not receive a response. Source: WABC CNN