Michael Jackson memorabilia will pay for Covid shots in Equatorial Guinea

Assets confiscated include luxury vehicles and a pair of $275,000 jewel-encrusted gloves belonging to Michael Jackson. The decision comes after a 2014 forfeiture agreement between the US and Obiang, who is accused of acquiring assets in the country with ill-gotten gains. Mangue has disputed the claims. The United Nations will receive $19.25 million to buy …

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Sudan’s Leaders Say They Thwarted a Military Coup Attempt

NAIROBI, Kenya — Sudanese authorities said they thwarted an attempted military coup on Tuesday, the latest sign of instability in an African nation battling persistent economic hardship under a fragile transitional government. Sudanese state television said that soldiers had tried to seize control of a state media building in the city of Omdurman, across the Nile …

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Sudan foils coup attempt and 40 officers arrested, senior officials say

About 40 officers were arrested after attempting to take over the state broadcaster’s television buildings and the military general command, one senior government source said. Following the attempt, Sudan’s military spread across the capital Khartoum. A military statement is expected to be issued later on Tuesday. This is a developing story. CNN news

Opinion: What vaccine inequity means if you’re a young woman in Uganda

Schools and universities were again shuttered, leaving 15 million students at home or on the streets. Workers went unpaid and fear spread through the communities. The impacts were felt first and hardest by women, especially if they were young. Months later, the lockdown has not been fully lifted. People wait for hours in the street …

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‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero Paul Rusesabagina found guilty on terrorism-related charges

The judge, reading out the verdict on Monday said: “The court also finds that they were in this group very aware that they were committing terror acts, they wanted the terror acts committed and this is evidenced by the work that they committed while in that political party. They formed FLN which is an illegal …

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‘Hotel Rwanda’ Dissident Is Found Guilty of Forming a Terrorist Group

KIGALI, Rwanda — Paul Rusesabagina, the prominent dissident who was portrayed in the Oscar-nominated movie “Hotel Rwanda” was found guilty on Monday of forming an armed terrorist group in a monthslong case that drew international condemnation after government officials boasted about having tricked him into returning to Rwanda. Mr. Rusesabagina was once praised for sheltering …

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Algeria’s former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies at 84

Bouteflika, a veteran of Algeria’s war for independence, had ruled the North African country for two decades before his resignation in April 2019 after street demonstrations rejecting his plan to seek a fifth term. He had rarely been seen in public before his departure since a stroke in 2013. After Bouteflika’s resignation, in a bid …

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